Motivate to Vote

In the light of November elections, we have been asked, Where do we start? Let us make a few suggestions.

● Motivate your membership to register to vote.
    (Call your state administrative offices for directions and
    dates. Many states have registration at their Motor Vehicle

● Motivate every registered voter to exercise his/her privilege on November 2.

● Motivate your membership to vote biblical values:

Protection of religious freedoms
Protection of Israel

Protection of human life
Protection of our Constitution

Protection of the family

● Motivate your membership to look for leaders of integrity instead of individuals making economic promises. Understand that all issues can be boiled down to three key areas:

Life Liberty Pursuit of Happiness

To find where our leaders stand and how they have voted in the past, go to This website will give you two key areas to investigate:

1) The description of each vote.               2) How each leader voted.

When the page opens, choose "US Senate" or "US House" and the leaders with their votes will be displayed.

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