Hosts of the Capitol Connection in Washington, D.C.

On the Road

Eight years ago, the Lord called me to a full-time God and Country ministry. Since that time, I have been traveling from coast to coast encouraging God’s people to become more educated about our Christian heritage, more aware of

the current state of our nation, and more engaged in our governmental processes.

I thank the Lord for the attendance and attentiveness of God’s people to the message of this ministry. People everywhere see the need and want to know what they can do to occupy until the Lord comes. When I see the response, I know God is willing to have mercy upon our embattled nation.

Baptist colleges and schools have also opened their doors to this ministry. The interest of the young people in a biblical approach to political science has been overwhelming.

Aside from independent Baptist churches holding Christian Heritage and Constitutional Awareness conferences, the Lord has opened the door for radio interviews. These generate an interest for meetings with the general public.

On May 24, 2010, Pastor T. Michael Creed and I went to Washington, D.C., where we addressed a portion of the conservative leadership of the House of Representatives. This created an opportunity for providing an additional avenue of communication between our national representative government and We the People.

We are very excited about this great and effectual door that has been opened to us. Awake America looks forward to providing time-critical information to all those who have a desire to defend our God-given, Constitutional rights against all enemies, foreign and domestic.